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Celebrate Easter in Style

With Easter around the corner and everybody scrambling for quick ideas, for a nudge in the right direction I have below some ideas to help you create a contemporary Easter, whether you want to add something special to your tablescape, or treat your green-thumb neighbour to a special Easter treat, there’s a little something for everyone.

Marble, Pastels & Ombre:

These are two of the most versatile trends around. These marbled eggs are playful yet classy. The colour washed tray of hardboiled eggs is a practical, fun play on both the pastel and ombré trends as well as being the fastest and simplest splash of colour at an Easter weekend breakfast with the family. Feeding an army stylishly doesn’t need to be complex!

Black & White:

Monochrome is the simplest of trends and one that never really dies. These scripty eggs are a guaranteed way of getting everybody-old and young-involved in the Easter festivities. It’s inexpensive and only takes a few minutes to do. The kids will enjoy scribbling, the teens will show off their favourite doodles or lyrics and the adults are likely to add a dash of philosophy.


Apart from their beauty, horticulture has become an actual culture. City farms, rooftop gardens and vertical herb gardens are popping up everywhere. There is an enormous focus on and awareness around fresh living. Gone are the days of formal arrangements from the old fashioned florist, now it is all about natural, wild and quirky arrangements. Pairing the unexpected, single buds in an assortment of bud vases arranged loosely down the centre of a table, bunches of wild flowers in brown paper scattered on flatwear and miniture herb planters as place settings-the options are truly endless.

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