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Create your own Christmas Traditions

The holidays are a magical time of year. I would dare say that some of your favorite childhood memories are associated with the holidays. I know that personally, I have many memories of the magic of Christmas as a child. Now that the roles have changed a bit and I am the adult I think that I love the magic of Christmas even more, seeing it through my nieces and nephews eyes. I love finding special ways to add any magic I can into Christmas.

Leave Santa's Footprints Behind- The first one on my list is one of my favorites and is one tradition that is always a crowed pleaser –Santa footprints! We place our cookies and milk for Santa by the fireplace or if you don't have a fireplace, you could have them leading in from the front door. After the kids go to bed, we grab a pair of their dads boots and sprinkle flour around them to make the outline of Santa's feet, if you are talented enough to make a stencil like in the picture above you can use that instead. My nieces and nephews were FASCINATED when they saw them. It takes about 1 minute to do it.

Crepe Paper the Kid's Doors- Next up is another tradition with minimal effort for maximum effect. All you have to do is string crepe paper in your kid's doorway while they are sleeping. When they wake up Christmas morning and open the door, they will have to bust through the crepe paper. Isn't that a fabulously fun way to start Christmas morning?

Make a Special Breakfast- I'm not talking about a gourmet breakfast that will be time consuming to prepare. I am just talking about something that will make your kids smile and, more importantly, that your kids will REMEMBER. These simple Rudolph pancakes are perfect.

Santa Key – No chimney? No problem! Not every family lives in a home with a fireplace, keep the magic alive by leaving out a key for Santa for use the front door.

Don't forget the Reindeer – Just like leaving a glass of milk and a cookie out for Santa (although I hear he is partial to a glass of red wine and a cracker with some cheese as well), we get the kids to leave a bowl of water and a carrot out for the Reindeer. Once the kids are in bed I sneak out and put a couple of drops of red food colouring in the water to make it look like Rudolph has had a sip. Chew up the carrot and spit a few pieces back out to look as if they Reindeer enjoyed their snack. And last but not least I leave about 5 little mounds of raisins out to really make sure the kids think the Reindeer have left their mark!

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