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Feeding Fussy Kids

Feeding fussy kids can be hard! It is certainly hard work getting my niece and nephew to eat anything that isn’t chicken nuggets or highly processed. However, I refused to give in and after some trial and error, some battles and tantrums, I have definitely come up with some very healthy winners. One of which are these tasty meatballs. They are packed full of veggies and a favorite of adults and kids alike. They are healthy, versatile and easy to make ahead since they can be frozen for later use. They can be served in a traditional tomato sauce over spaghetti, simmered in soup, or eaten plain like chicken nuggets. Of course, these don’t have to be “mini” meatballs; I just think they are cute that way and a good bite-size for kids. You can form them in any size or shape that you wish, but keep in mind that larger meatballs will need to bake longer. These have been a wonderful addition to our get together's.


· 500g – chicken mince

· 1/2 medium – bell pepper, red

· 1 medium – carrot grated

· 1 large – zucchini grated

· 3 tablespoon – pesto

· 1/2 cup – Oats

· 1/2 teaspoon – salt

· ¾ cup – breadcrumbs

· 2-3 eggs


1. Preheat the oven to 170


2. Start by preparing the vegetable mixture:

3. Gently pat the zucchini dry with a paper towel or clean dish towel (no need to squeeze all the liquid out of it, just pat off some of the extra moisture). Add to a large bowl with the finely minced carrot and bell pepper. Add in the pesto, bread crumbs, and salt and stir to combine.

4. Fold in the ground chicken mince using your hands or a large fork, and mix together the chicken and vegetable mixture until it's well-combined.

5. Line a baking tray with foil or baking paper and drizzle with oil (no oil needed when you use non-stick foil - I love this product as it really saves on washing up!)

6. Using a Tablespoon, make small (1-1 1/2") meatballs and place them on the baking sheet. (you can also just use your hands to roll them out)

7. Bake at 160 degrees for 10 minutes. For a bit of browning, grill the meatballs an additional 1-3 minutes. If browning isn't important, continue baking meatballs another 2-3 minutes, or till cooked through.

8. Serve with your favorite sauce, pasta, or on a sandwich. Enjoy!

Yield: about 20-25 meatballs Serves: 4-5

Tested on humans, big and small!

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