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Gardening Checklist for March

As the first signs of summer flowers and vegetables begin to wane, it's time to plan and prepare your autumn and winter garden. In dry areas you will still need to water regularly to get the best out of you late summer garden, Autumn is natures planting time as the grounds are still warm and the first of the rain helps new plants, trees and lawns get established.

Flower Garden

  • Prepare winter flower beds for planting with Garden X Compost, Tui Garden Lime and Palmers General Garden Fertiliser.

  • Plant your favorite winter garden seedlings like, pansy, viola, primula, polyanthus, calendula, cineraria, lobelia, poppies, alyssum, stock and snapdragon.

  • Cut back perennial plants and plant new ones.

  • Feed ornamental trees, garden shrubs and plants with Palmers Blood & Bone Fertiliser.

  • Keep watering during any dry spells, especially your new plantings.


  • Autumn is the ideal time to sow or repair your lawn so it can establish itself over the winter months.

  • Palmers have a great range of seed from ornamental lawns to hard-wearing lawns for active families.

  • Prepare the area to be sown by spraying with Round Up to remove weeds and rake out any rocks.

  • Apply a layer of Tui Lawn Preparation Mix to promote growth or Palmers Lawn Fertiliser before applying the seed evenly over the prepared area.

  • Give the lawn a good watering and continue to keep the lawn moist while the seeds germinate and get established.

Edible Garden

  • Pull out any summer herbs and vegetables that have finished producing and add to your compost bin.

  • Planting of winter seedlings will give you a good start in your home edible patch so prepare soil with Garden X Compost, Tui Garden Lime, Palmers General Garden Fertiliser and/or Palmers Premium Sheep Pellets.

  • Plant seedlings of cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, beetroot, winter lettuce, brussel sprouts, spinach, carrots, leeks, silverbeet and winter herbs.

  • Protact new plantings against slugs and snails with McGregor Snail & Slug Pellets and give them a good start by watering them in and liquid feeding with Yates Black Magic Seedling Fertiliser.

  • Citrus are heavy feeders. Feed with Palmers Citrus Fertiliser for healthy green leaves and better growth, flowers and fruit.


  • All of your spring flowering favorites are now in store. Slugs and snails are the main pest for bulbs especially when leaves are just emerging from the ground. Use McGregors Slug and Snail Pellets to control this problem.

  • Anemones and Ranunculus are great value and easy to grow. With very little effort they can reward you with up to 6 months flowering by stagger planting. For best results chill the bulbs for 5-6 weeks in your fridge then soak them for 6-7 hours in water before planting.

  • Hyacinths are the essence of spring. The heavily scented trusses are a most welcoming sight after a long winter. Best planted in March/April in a cool spot. In warmer areas a 6 week period in the fridge is advisable.

  • Daffodils can be planted any time from late February to the end of May. Early planting gets them off to a great start, as they will begin to develop their roots and settle in ready for spring growth. Daffodils need full sun and well drained soil.

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