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Halloween in a Flash!

Halloween always seems to sneak up on me and before I have had time to prepare anything spectacular it is here and gone. Although Halloween isn't celebrated as much here in New Zealand as it is in other countries, it is still such a fun holiday to get involved in. Thank goodness for pinterest, I have found 3 great things to be able to throw something together quickly and easily, even this late in the game.

Spooky Balloons

Dress up regular balloons with one of the dozens of Sharpies rolling around in your junk drawer. Don’t have time to get them inflated with helium? Fake it by taping them to the wall.

Lolly Pop Ghosts

These lolly pop ghosts are super easy to make! And it helps that you don’t need any fancy materials. If you don’t have the mini elastics, no problem! It will still work if you tie something around the neck. And if you don’t want the fancy ribbons, just use white elastics, and call it a day! These lolly pop ghosts would be great for a Halloween party! Or they make a super easy and super fun treat to send to school for Halloween!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Round lolly pop

  • Tissues

  • Black Sharpie

  • Tiny Elastics (from the hair section at the dollar store)

  • Thin orange and black ribbon

Bunch up the tissue over the lolly pop and stretch the elastic over it to hold it all in place. The elastics that I used were small enough that I only had to go around once.

I used a brush tip Sharpie to make the eyes. Since it’s tissue, the ink definitely bleeds, so I recommend pressing (briefly) straight on with the tip of the marker for each of the eyes. If they end up being different sizes, go back and adjust them as you need to.

I found some tiny thin black and orange ribbon at Spotlight, so I used it to wrap around their necks.

I made about 10 of these in less than 10 minutes. That’s my type of treat!

Rice Krispie Pumpkin Treat

You’re pretty much making regular Rice Krispie treats, except before you add in the Rice Krispies, you add food colouring to the marshmallow and butter mixture.

I think the amount of food colouring you need to use will depend on the type of food colouring you use. I started with only a couple drops of each colour, but the colour wasn’t very good. So I went a little crazy and squeezed in tons of drops. I kind of lost track of how many drops it was, (sorry about that…) but I think it was somewhere around 4 to 6 drops of red and 12 drops of yellow. You’re going to have to experiment.

I recommend starting with the yellow food colouring instead of what I did. Add the yellow, mix it all up, and then add the red, a drop at a time until you get a good orange colour. Then add the Rice Krispies and stir it all together to combine. After you’ve rolled the balls, set them on baking paper. Gently press a Mini Rolo into the top of each pumpkin for the stem while the Rice Krispie treats are still warm. If it gets too hard, use a thick marker, apple corer or some other round object to make a small indent for the chocolate to sit in. Then for the leaf, gently press a green M&M into the Rice Krispie treats (about half way in so it sticks) right next to the Rolo. And easy peasy, you have your cute little pumpkins!

Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

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