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Is your Home Photo Shoot Ready?

Amazing real estate images = Amazing results!

Photos captures peoples attention and draw them in. When selling your home you want as many people to notice your property as possible, that is what makes having amazing images of your home so important.

Selecting an experienced and talented photographer is the first step in achieving outstanding photo of your home. If you have enlisted a good real estate agent to assist in your sale, then they should already have relationships with about half a dozen and can arrange and book the whole shoot for you. They also should advise you if you need a daytime shoot, twilight shoot, drone shoot, staging or all of the above.

Preparation before a shoot is a key element of how well the images of your home are going to turn out. I know the process of selling your home can be stressful and sometimes there are things you wouldn't even think about, here is a guide to help you achieve a smooth and successful photo shoot.

Exterior of the House

  • Park Vehicles away from the house

  • Remove any visible rubbish from the property

  • Mow the lawns

  • Sweep the paths, patios and decks

  • Put away any children's and pets toys, bikes etc.

  • Clean windows and glass doors


  • Make all beds

  • Remove clutter from bedside tables and dresser tops

  • Avoid overflowing laundry baskets

  • Tidy master closet as it maybe photographed

  • Make sure all items under the bed cannot be seen


  • Remove toothbrushes, razors and any other personal products etc.

  • Clean mirrors, glass and all surfaces to remove water marks and soap scum

  • Remove all bottles of soap and shampoo from the shower/ bath

  • Remove toilet brushes and plungers

  • Hang fresh towels

  • Close toilet lid

Kitchen & Dining Room

  • Clean all dishes and put away all, food, cleaning products etc.

  • Clean the counter and remove all clutter and small appliances

  • Remove all fridge magnets, notes and photos etc.

  • Sweep and mop the kitchen floor

  • Clean dining room table and remove any excess chairs that don't fit.

Inside the Home - Applies to All Rooms

  • Remove all signs that you have pets where possible

  • Replace blown light bulbs

  • Try to have all light bulbs the same colour

  • Hide cords and cables

  • Remove clutter from counters, desks and furniture

  • Hide remote controls and phone chargers

  • Put away any children's and pets toys

  • Dust all furniture, tv's and computer screens

  • Vacuum carpets and wipe down hardwood floors

  • Remove all holiday and seasonal decorations

  • Prior to the Photographers arrival, turn on ALL lights and open all curtains and blinds.

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